Aplication libraries MATLAB & Simulink

The open architecture of MATLAB and Simulink has led to the creation of libraries of functions and blocks, called application libraries, that extend the use of the programs in the respective scientific and engineering fields. Another group consists of the Polyspace tool set, intended for the detection of run-time errors, verification of the correctness of the program code and certification.

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MATLAB® & Technical Computing

Parallel Computing:
AI, Data Science, and Statistics:
Math and Optimization:
Database Access and Reporting:
Code Generation:
Application Deployment:
Verification, Validation, and Test:

Simulink® a Model-Based Design

Event-Based Modeling:
Physical Modeling:
Real-Time Simulation and Testing:
Simulation Graphics and Reporting:
Systems Engineering:
Code Generation:
Application Deployment:
Verification, Validation, and Test:

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Cloud Solutions:
Community and Third-Party:
Other information:

Knihovny pro specifické aplikace

Signal Processing:
Image Processing and Computer Vision:
Control Systems:
Test & Measurement:
RF and Mixed Signal:
Wireless Communications:
Autonomous Systems:
FPGA, ASIC, and SoC Development:
Computational Finance:
Computational Biology:
Code Verification: