We offer you the services of our experienced application engineers in a wide range from consultations and advisory activities to the complete development of applications or simulation models tailored to your requirements.

Advice and consultation

You are not sure how to start solving your project or developing your application and which means to choose?

FEM simulation and analysis

Need a simulation but can't buy the software?

Use our experts in modeling physical events, simulation and analysis in the field of FEM calculations. Let's meet, introduce us to the task, agree on the dates and other requirements, and we will be happy to perform a custom simulation for you. Our consulting services are at your disposal.

Optimization and tuning

Do you develop applications or models yourself, but need to improve their behavior or performance?

Data analysis

Do you need to analyze a large amount of data or help with its processing?

Conversion of legacy code

Do you have outdated programs that are difficult to maintain, or would you like to consolidate programs from different environments into one?

Model-Based Design

Do you need to implement the principles of the Model-Based Design method in your processes?

What does the service include and how does it work?


Project assignment

First, you describe your project to us, then we arrange a meeting to clarify what you need to solve.

The result of the first meeting is an estimate of price and solvability.

Free of charge


The suggestion of solution

We will propose a solution, which software or combination of software to use. We answer questions about whether we can solve the given problem. Alternatively, we will also recommend another reliable supplier.

Free of charge


Project solution

The result is:

  • Delivered solution
  • Presentation at your company
  • Presentation in printed form
  • Support

Price list of consulting services

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