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Multi-domain physical systems modeling
Seminar MATLAB
Date:25.4.2018 (Wednesday), od 9:00
Venue:University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovak Republic
Speaker:Juan Sagarduy (MathWorks)
Safety & innovation are de-facto differentiating technology providers worldwide across segments (automotive, industrial automation, aerospace, …). Simulation models allow capturing complex and highly dynamic physical phenomena, developing intelligent algorithms and fully validating concepts in all thinkable scenarios, often risky and costly to reproduce. Desktop models are then re-used for real-time testing by using automatic code generation. All in all, an agile workflow shortening development cycle and reducing time-to-market is empowered.
9:00Seminar opening
9:05Multi-domain physical systems modeling
  • - Tower Crane
  • - Distributed Networks with Renewable Sources
  • - Fully Electric Vehicle
10:00Model calibration based on
  • - Optimization methods
  • - Statistical techniques
10:45Modeling as an enabler for predictive maintenance
  • - Fault injection
  • - Degradation behavior
11:05Controllers and supervisory algorithms design
11:25Re-use of desktop models for real-time testing
11:45Summary, Discussion, Questions

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